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Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again. Cancel Reply 0 characters used from the allowed. Send this link to let others join your presentation: Change takes a long-term commitment with smart policy and good arguments. Same-sex marriage is a highly politicized issue used by Republicans to gain votes for reelection.

DESCRIPTION: However, while the right to same sex marriage may be viewed as the last step in ending discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation, legalization does not end discrimination, either by officials or other people" Boris O. And you know what?

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Who Sucks? - Democrats Sucks

He has since become a stalwart supporter of gay rights, including signing on to an amicus brief to the U. He divorced his wife in , and it came out he was bisexual in

  • I am not even going to mention that they seem to be mindless drones using quotes like "Obama will deliver us into a new era" or "Obama is a shining light which will unite this nation in glory". He has since become a stalwart supporter of gay rights, including signing on to an amicus brief to the U.
  • Texas delegates threatened to walk out during his speech but instead protested by taking off their hats and assuming a prayer posture during the speech.
  • Michael Moore sucks on may different levels, he's a typical modern Democrat, a liberal Hollywood personality, but mostly Michael Moore is a liar who makes a living out of bashing the United States of America. Jamie Ensley — JamieNAtlanta.

I would like the see the federal income tax law repealed, and the federal Reserve abolished. Holding those two thoughts simultaneously is strange. While this might have a temporary and near-negligible effect on the price of gasoline, it would leave our great nation with absolutely no oil reserves in the event of a national emergency. When Congress got warnings way ahead for what was going on in Fannie mae and freddie mac they did nothing to prevent it. The Democrats don't know and don't care about the security of our country. Democratic National Committee S.

Who Sucks? - Democrats Suck

Also, given control of the government for the past six years, instead of being good stewards of my money, the lying assholes have grown the government like smack-addicted pit fiends. Why sould you and I have to help pay for a bunch of crooks advertising on TV? February 22, at 2:

Mark Foley — markfoleyfla. D R or whatever, they are playing the game of politics, which includes viewing the rest of us as sheep waiting to be flocked at their leisure. Please input characters displayed above. A previous version of this article listed Charles Francis as a Republican.

A movie about his historic campaign, Fred, premiered in

Cancel Reply 0 characters used from the allowed. I loved Anna Nicole: President Barack Obama supports gay marriage http:

  • 28 LGBT Republicans
  • It was almost comforting for us to yell at the TV and pick apart the news, and I was happy to be able to spend the time with him.
  • Downloading prezi...
  • I like a lot of what the Libertarian and Constitution Parties have to say.

Give the Gonvernmet enough money to operate under the way of tazes and levies before An LGBT person sat on the platform committee for the Republican platform committee for the first time ever this year. Rachel Hoff — rachelhoff In the first place I can decide who I vote for.

They are typically hateful, insulting, abusive and racist against anyone not marching in the Obama parade. Fact is, Democrats got some of the things they wanted. Obama is not going allow Obamacare to be dismantled, and Democrats are not going to offer major concessions in spending. But the idea of utilizing shutdowns regularly as means of shaping policy is unrealistic. And he told me about a consortium type of thing he had in mind with rotating writers and an occasional dinner speech, if interest was there.

He also got into documentary production, producing films like Bi the Way. March 19, at Today, he heads up the Evertz Group , a public policy and governmental affairs consulting firm. Can be like was and I still maintain that the Contract with America was the start of genuinely moving in the right direction?


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