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It is hard to gauge exactly how much life is taken out of the bat but based on experience it is around hits ref. The easy answer is YES, every bat will benefit from rolling regardless of whether or not bat manufacturers claim they are "Hot out of the wrapper" or not. We offer 3 levels of shaving. Now when both are done you can see how life expectancy of a bat goes down.

DESCRIPTION: Fast pitch shaved bats soon followed suit and illegal bats popped up all around the nation's ball fields. Shaving is the best way to get your bat to performance at its highest possible level. People will do anything to get an edge.

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Club Rollers - Performance Bat Rolling & Shaving Services

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  • This has an obvious reward. There have been no technical studies on this topic but in my experience a bat that has been rolled after it has been shaved gains about ft in distance; That is not too shabby of a gain.
  • The 2nd advantage is cheaper costs in some cases. If not done professionally, you can look at the barrel of the bat and see where the edge of the rollers left small marks.
  • We get this question asked all the time. We offer 3 levels of shaving.
  • Then why not get both services on your bat? Do you compression test bats before and after to verify maximum results?

Bats will be shaved and rolled once your order has been placed and will be ready for shipment with-in 48 hours. If you desire to have your bat weighted back to its. Dec 18,  · Can you tell if a baseball bat has been "Rolled"? You roll a composite bat and shave an aluminum bat. You can tell if an aluminum bat has been shaved.

Can you tell if a baseball bat has been "Rolled"?

We Roll Bat After Shaved to never spam you, and just Shhaved your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Most sanctions disagree with this notion but people feel the most comfortable with this service. We compression test ALL bats before and after our heated rolling process. Shaved softball Sjaved were now headed towards mainstream men's softball. If you are going to spend the money to have a bat rolled, might as well shave it too.

So, the first disadvantage of performing both services is loss of life to the bat. Composite bat shaving now had also creeped its way into baseball as well. Then why not get both services on your bat?

Shipping All new bat orders are normally shipped business days Mon - Fri after purchase.

A rolled bat will last about hits depending on the same factors. This has an obvious reward. With the Freakin HOT level you may only get a couple hundred hits before breakage. We get bats in every day that have hits on them and after we get the bats back to the owner they are very surprised with the results.

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  • What Shaving Level should I choose?
  • Advantages to Shaving and Rolling a Bat
  • That is why people roll bats.

My son is a senior in HS and I learned about wood bats the hard way. It is illegal in Florida and is cheating. Or Why would someone only want one and not the other? Email Us or Text Bat rolling essentially takes away the break in period of the composite material so, in theory, the bat should be at its peak performance after both services are completed. Some leagues and events permit the use while many do not. I only ask because I was at a youth baseball tournament and one of the coaches was saying one of the other teams bats was rolled and that he could tell by just looking at it.

The customer will assume all responsibilities and risks for any alterations performed to the bat, as well as assume any and all responsibility if anyone is ever injured due to the use of our bats. So, the first disadvantage of performing both services is loss of life to the bat.


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