Does Penis Size Matter For Girls



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He has written about sexuality for 36 years. The female judge let her off with a warning. Nobody came to "get" them.

DESCRIPTION: I guess you think even 90 aren't enough. Can you imagine a man writing a book entitled "The End of Women" and sarcastically dedicating it to his daughter, who was then ridiculed by peers? We all know the last two Submitted by Wally on November 4, - And there is no sexual nonsense going on, to muddy up the water in that case.

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Women Discuss Penis Size - AskMen

Hey, turkey, can't you even Submitted by Anonymous on November 4, -

  • The guy is obviously a small Submitted by Anonymous on November 29, - 8: She alleged a man did vile and offensive things to her, including leaving a pubic hair on a soft drink can.
  • Going all the way back to the Salem Witch Trials in , the majority of the "witnesses" as well as the defendants were female.
  • You sound like an out-of-touch numbskull. Can you imagine a man writing a book entitled "The End of Women" and sarcastically dedicating it to his daughter, who was then ridiculed by peers?
  • It would be challenging to get someone Ashley Judd to make a false claim just for the hell of it.

Going all the way back to the Salem Witch Trials in , the majority of the "witnesses" as well as the defendants were female. You're trying to hard to sound like men are pitiful victims wanting a break from the matriarchy. I've had girls say I'm the biggest. Nobody came to "get" them. They still whine about earning less than men, even though the mythical "pay gap" refers to the total earnings of all men and all women in the economy, NOT men and women performing the same job.

Women Discuss Penis Size

As for your not knowing about tenting, I'd say most guys don't. They gave Weinstein one too, when he was a cash cow for the Doez Party. I hit bottom with one once and she jumped,I felt bad. Oooooo somebody is self conscience about his small penis and lack of experience.

No wonder pathetically insecure female supremacists corral mobs to silence speakers who dare Warren Farrell, Janice Fiamango to contradict feminist dogma. The state or any of those 90 women, if they want to sue him civil need to establish his culpability. But all I ask from a women is not to BS me and be straight up. And your comparison of mass "accusations" in a child abuse case with 90 adult credible women accusing Weinstein demonstrates a lack of analytical insight on your part. The only reason that sick female pedo ever saw the inside of a prison was because after being warned, she was caught in her car with the windows all steamed up, with her passport, a large sum Doew cash and her jailbait lover.

A big penis size does matter to some women, but there are less of those women out there than there are women who think your penis, yes, your slightly below average, mildly crooked penis is just fine. For us, it’s more about how you use it and where you can excel in other areas, because intercourse is just one part of sex; sex encompasses so. Have you always wondered whether or not the size of your penis matters to girls? Now you'll know for sure. “Does Size Matter? Men’s and Women’s Views on Penis Size Across the Lifespan,” Psychology of Men and Masculinity () Clarke, J.R. Roman Sex. Harry N. Abrams, NY,

And when there are 90 accusers, it really doesn't matter. There were dozens of accusations in the McMartin Preschool Case BTW, Gloria Steinem and Andrea Dworkin proclaimed the accused "guilty" in advance of any trial, in typical female supremacist totalitarian fashion. They know all too well the misguided if not infantile preoccupations many men have with penis size. There are thousands of false accusations all over the country every year, in which there is only one accuser.

And not at all because of "affirmative action". People with these silly beliefs, is why modern psychology is such a joke. When it is fully aroused, it lengthens several inches and will easily accommodate the average penis.

  • Why did she return to the Submitted by anon on January 10, - 1: Actually, many of them speak in more logical sentences than you do, and can back up what you say.
  • Find a Therapist
  • Obviously you've done little reading on the subject and you're just hear to spout your cluelessness.

So, all of these men, in fact, do have their right to "due process" as you say if they insist on it, under the law. Who says this isn't organized? I deal with real women in ways that make me and them happy. What would be their motive? And yes, I've verified this with more than one fun woman who got a kick out of experimenting and seeing how far an object would go in in the various states of arousal. You are being tiresome.


You like all female supremacists have an inability to admit that any woman lies or any man is falsely accused except perhaps Bill Clinton and the women who say he raped them. Previous Page 1 current Next. He is very transparent. What I get a kick out of is all the men who take one look at her and start explaining something complicated to her like she's an air-head. No pompous college coffeehouse gender-issues debate is needed. It's quite enough if just 10 of them were credible.


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