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Six trials compared needle acupuncture plus conventional treatment with conventional treatment alone. The authors concluded that this trial of acupuncture treatment for infantile colic showed no statistically significant or clinically relevant effect; they suggested that acupuncture for infantile colic should be restricted to clinical trials. Treatment with combined oral contraceptives can help women with acne.

DESCRIPTION: Moreover, the authors stated that complementary and alternative medicine including acupuncture can not be recommended for the treatment of acne because it is not supported by good evidence. A systematic review of research on costs and cost-effectiveness of those interventions identified as promising was also performed. The key search terms were "acupuncture" and "PTSD". The authors concluded that the evidence to support the effectiveness of acupuncture for pain in endometriosis is limited, based on the results of only a single study that was included in this review.

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Only 2 studies mentioned the number of dropouts; 2 used a non-blind method while others did not mention their blinding methods. The overall methodological qualities were low. The authors concluded that limited evidence suggested that acupuncture may have some anti-psychotic effects as measured on global and mental state with few adverse effects.

  • The details of acupuncture intervention were also investigated.
  • Therefore, it is not possible to provide evidence-based recommendations for homeopathy in the treatment of allergic rhinitis, and further trials are needed.
  • In a randomized, patient-assessor blinded, sham-acupuncture, controlled trial, Shin et al assessed the safety and effectiveness of acupuncture for ocular symptoms, tear film stability and tear secretion in dry eye patients.
  • No economic evaluations were identified in the systematic review, and available data were insufficient to allow modelling of cost-effectiveness in this rapid review.


There is insufficient evidence for acupuncture as a treatment for insomnia. Li et al noted that spontaneous intra-cerebral hemorrhage ICH is the most devastating subtype of stroke, but there is currently no evidence-based treatment strategy. Only 1 study with participants met the inclusion criteria. The adjusted difference between means is 4. For Schirmer test scores and frequency of artificial tear usage, 2 RCTs reported superior effects of acupuncture plus artificial tears, while 1 RCT failed to do so.

There is evidence to support the FFor of acupuncture in migraine. They concluded that GP referral to a service providing traditional acupuncture care offers a cost-effective intervention for reducing LBP over a 2-year period. The results of the study by Vickers et al are in agreement with recent findings of Allais et al who reported that acupuncture is effective in reducing the frequency of migraine attacks as well as those by Linde et al who reported that acupuncture was more effective than a placebo injection 2018 Guidelines For Copd Management Uptodate Medicine Download the early treatment of an acute migraine attack. The addition of benzodiazepines to morphine was significantly more effective than morphine alone, without additional adverse effects. Bilateral acupuncture plus moxibustion was applied at the BL67 acupoint. SF data favored acupuncture, although differences reached significance only for physical role functioning, energy, and change in health.

However, verum acupuncture did not result in better outcomes than sham acupuncture. However, 3 sets of comparison for the pooled estimates of effect sizes had no statistical significance.

All disagreements were resolved by discussion between the review authors. Funnel chart displays that the researched object distribution is symmetric, being smaller in the bias.

  • HL7 Version 3 Standard: Structured Product Labeling, Release 4
  • The medications contain simple Chinese herbs e.
  • Background
  • The median sample size of each comparison group was 45, and the median trial duration was 21 days.

There was no overall tendency in favor of pemoline over placebo and an excess of reports of adverse effects with pemoline. Other types of acupuncture such as auricular acupuncture should be explored further as well as compliance with treatment for at least 6 months or longer. In a Cochrane review, He and colleagues evaluated the safety and effectiveness of acupuncture for children with mumps. The authors concluded that the current clinical evidence is not of sufficient quality for wider application of acupuncture to be recommended for the treatment of VMCI; they stated that further large, rigorously designed trials are warranted.

They stated that better designed large studies are needed to fully and fairly test the effects of acupuncture for people with schizophrenia. The studies were carried out in Hong Kong, mainland China and Egypt. The control group Group C continued usual care alone. Electronic databases, including Medline and Embase, were searched for the period to June scoping review and to December systematic review.

Current pharmacological approaches are effective but have adverse effects. The authors concluded that these findings showed the possible efficacy of GVbased acupuncture in animal models of acute ICH, suggesting it as a candidate therapy for acute ICH. A total of 13 studies described by 15 articles were identified and scored between 5 and 9 out of 10 on the PEDro scale; 8 interventions were assessed: Passalacqua et al noted that complementary-alternative medicines CAM are extensively used in the treatment of allergic rhinitis and asthma, but evidence-based recommendations are lacking.


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