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Mariah told Sharon to get out of the house and do something. Cassie got out of bed, pulled out her IV, donned her mother's trench coat, and staggered out of the hospital, intent on finding and telling Daniel. Retrieved May 21,

DESCRIPTION: Adam snatched her out of his arms, and when Ashley awoke, Adam handed her Sharon's baby as her own. Sharon meets her therapist, Dr.

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Those police believed Nicholas and Sharon's story and put Cameron into a police car. Furious, Nick called off any idea of reconciliation. Well Sharon is all drugged up, Dr.

  • Jack said there was a way for Cane to help him make that happen. However, Alistair was smitten by Gloria, and he confessed to the entire endeavor.
  • Sharon starts crying, and Nick sees her.
  • He called the authorities.

While in a bar, she met Cameron Kirsten, and he instantly fell in love with her. History According to Sean, he dropped out of MIT as an year-old junior, and began traveling the country for five years with a backpack as his only possession. Cameron even said that sooner or later, he might hand the entire company over to Nick, as at the time, didn't think he wouldn't have any heirs. Victoria did not know Reed's paternity during the pregnancy.

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers tease that Nick (Joshua Morrow) will decide he needs some guidance. His friendship with Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) has grown stronger lately, so he’ll think she’s a good person to turn to. One response to “The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Tuesday, May 22 Update – Victor Wants Nick Back at Newman – Billy’s Power Play Infuriates Jack”. Sharon Newman (née Collins, formerly Abbott and McAvoy) is a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Sharon Case. Sharon Newman is the daughter of Doris Collins.

Noah explained that Faith has a history of not liking any of her dad's female friends and he's sorry to say it but, maybe she lied about it. When asked to describe his character in an interview, Douglas stated ——.

Amanda came to Genoa City to find Mac, resulting in her leaving Ralph. Summer rages at Abby, who runs out of the church in tears. Cassie got out of bed, pulled out her IV, donned her mother's trench coat, and staggered out of the hospital, intent on finding and telling Daniel.

  • Sharon Newman
  • Adam warned Sharon not to talk to Skye or get near her.
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Sharon left the church, and went home. Upon Colleen's return from China, Adrian was willing to forgive her, but she refused his advances. Sharon moved into Brad's former house.

Suddenly, Mariah remembers this is like a part from one of Plato Sphere's books. Not long after they married Sharon "accidentally" got pregnant. Anthony Montgomery's got ambitious GH goals. Devon assured Hilary that Shauna had all their contact information, and Neil had the key to the penthouse. This arrest led his year-old daughter, Eden Gerick Baldwin , to come to Genoa City to support him. He said that Victor's controlling ways had broken too many things in the guise of love, and Nick wanted to fix them. Nick told Sharon the pregnancy news.

Having learned that Kevin had won in the lottery , Tom visited his estranged son, hoping to scare him into giving him money. Summer's hopes are shattered when Victoria sues Jabot for Natalie's program PassKey , and she is subpoenaed to testify at the deposition. Courtney even impresses Summer's aunt, Abby Newman Melissa Ordway , during an interview, which leads to her getting an internship at Jabot Cosmetics.

Victoria returned to her office and saw two men leave the office with an empty dolly. Sharon returned to the bookstore and lost it again.


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