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I knew that those creamy globes with their mauve centers presented a delightful vision to the lovely Miss Conaway, and curious thoughts floated unbidden into my mind. I put on a show, rolling over after ten minutes, massaging more oil on my breasts.

DESCRIPTION: How would you deal with your husband or boyfriend who engaged in forbidden communication with a woman who had previously caused tension your relationship? March 3, at 9: Over time, I wondered what it would be like to be a spanker rather than a spankee.

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The Doctor’s Wife | Over The Desk Spanking Stories

I stood there, occasionally rubbing my sore, red bottom, as he softly chuckled. She made some urgent adjustments with her hips to try and cope with the stinging pain.

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  • Mother removes her two sons from school after they are put in isolation for their 'normal' hairstyles and Boy, 9, left with an untreatable hole in his eye after playing with a laser pointer All partied out!
  • My husband works away from home all week and over the past year has not been interested in sex at all. I oiled my body luxuriously with a pungent-scented suntan oil and donned my skimpy bikini.
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This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. For some, the simple action of someone removing a belt from the loops of their pants sends shivers down their spine, especially when they know they will soon be receiving it. Peter bent his head to kiss her and she responded automatically. Katie Piper looks elegant in black ruffled dress as she cosies up to husband Richard Sutton at Ascot It's all hats Today the hairbrush comes in many shapes and sizes and is used for discipline by both men and women. I had been a good girl all week. I held in tears of shame, as I whimpered from the stinging sensation.

Laura agrees to be spanked by boss for offending client. Story Tags Portal; over the knee bent over desk (1) wife. An Elderly Couple’s Remedy For Disobedient Wives. truly most content when you have a freshly spanked bottom over your knee and you are Wife Spanked by.

Top 10 Ways To Spank A Brat!

I misbehaved a lot in my early years. I never shied away from the physical nature of discipline, when a spanking had been announced I got to work getting things ready. She had a long reflective look Storu her bottom, realising that it would soon be well striped by painful welts. Various positions can be used for the belt, probably the most compared to any other instrument.

Your red bottom will smart and give you a reminder of what is in store for you when you go against his wishes. I winced in discomfort and humiliation as I saw the shades were pulled up and anyone who wanted to watch would easily be able to. Ovfr was more than pleased with her reaction and steered her towards a more private and darker area. She was acutely aware that her knickers were still hanging behind the door Knfe that the material of her skirt rubbing against her sore bottom was a constant reminder that she was still bare-bottomed.

I looked at the clock that was ticking away over the mantelpiece and realized with a I heard her quick intake of breath at the sight of my fleshy buttocks framing the moistening pink sex between my legs.

A navy blue, slightly flared skirt and a pair of navy medium heeled shoes completed the outfit. Matron has again written an account of my punishment which I have to publish without any changes or I will suffer.

  • OTK (Spanked Over the Knee)
  • However the pain associated with the birch far exceed that of the switch as there are many twigs bound together instead of just one.
  • When police turned up to investigate he simply told them:

What is it about guys that like that. Miss Conaway waited breathlessly, leaning back in the chair and relaxing her knees so that her slender milky thighs spread slightly. Now a cheap dollar store wooden spoon will lack the same impact as a hairbrush, but the larger ones as shown in the picture below will have equal or even greater persuasion abilities. Taking swift corrective action […]. This story is frightfully close to the real-life household of Sean and Miss J. Slowly, he rolled up his sleeves.

James noted with pleasure that she kept her bottom properly presented for the paddling and the squeals were reinforced by urgent movements of her hips as she struggled with the sting. James left her to go to his surgery. That's just what I need to unwind. I looked down as I approached him and placed myself over his knee. Your red bottom will smart and give you a reminder of what is in store for you when you go against his wishes.


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