Dating A Catholic As A Protestant



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Catholic and Protestant Dating. Oct 26, 3. Maybe you can write some things down that you learn at your Protestant friend's parishes and then bring to your church and talk about doing?

DESCRIPTION: And maybe you won't have any difficulties at all. He might have a lot of good things to say, like any of our pastors, but we will need some "proof" that he's divinely inspired.

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Your point about the catholic young adult stuff being dead is spot on. He'll be able to ask questions, you can study issues together using the Bible, and so on.

  • God never said that.
  • I know it sounds cocky but I don't for see my faith being strained any time soon.
  • He was Catholic, she Protestant.

Marriage doesn't make the disagreements go away, it makes the situation worse because each person feels trapped in the relationship. It hinders them from fully becoming one. There should only be Christian because that is all that Christ established. I have no expectations of changing him. You will need to register to be able to join in fellowship with Christians all over the world. Sure, it hurts to break up with someone who you like, but with whom you cannot come to a full agreement. Sadly, children of these marriages more often than not reject all religion when they grow up.

Jun 03,  · The greatest difficulties we have in our marriage (and yes, in any marriage there will be struggles) are not at all Catholic/Protestant related. My greatest spiritual struggles are also completely unrelated to the Catholic/Protestant difference. Protestant writers on this subject urge that Protestant youth be shown the dangers involved in marriage with Roman Catholics, and that a pro­gram of education in this direction be diligently fostered in all Protestant churches.

Dating Across the Catholic/Protestant Divide

By the time I came around, he had been solidly Protestant for years. Oct 26, 8. The resemblance in Catholic communities is shocking!

But I don't think, if you love children, you will get these involved in your disputes. But she keeps it to herself and just quietly goes to church with my dad to "keep the peace. Starting to wonder if we are in the same city in Ohio.

At a Wheaton College dialogue with Timothy George that I moderated, Frank Beckwith was asked how to think about a Catholic and Protestant relationship en route to . Oct 27,  · Once again, to clarify, we aren't even dating yet, repeat, WE ARE NOT EVEN DATING. The thought of catholic/protestant dating led to a long chain of thoughts that ended in thinking about protestant/catholic marriage and the ramifications.5/5(1). Nov 05,  · This is not as much about her and I in specific, but protestant-catholic dating in general. In the event a Protestant and Catholic get married, how do you reconcile where you get married? The Catholic would want a Catholic wedding, whereas a Protestant would want to be married by their pastor.

I think it depends entirely upon the two people, Augustus. Do you really think this is religion here? Since we both know that we are saved and going to heaven when Jesus comes back, then don't we know the basics, and is that enough?

If you want a review of your CatholicMatch or other dating profile go here: But for your relationship to work, one or both of you is going to have to give. Jun 2, 5. I've heard that the Catholic church requires couples to sign a contract swearing that they will raise their children Catholic.

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  • The only exception I see is if I God specifically called me to have a close friendship with a Catholic, and if this person eventually became a Protestant then I obviously would be free to date her. Yet these people still managed to have a happy marriage.
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  • Why do people believe Jesus was a socialist?
  • And this is before the reformation.

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Catholicism - Compared to Protestantism. Your boyfriend will never do that. Beyond that, don't get into labels by locking on to issues that mattered to people hundreds of years ago when they created the labels. Its not in there just as a simple verse to skip or think it may not apply to you. Occasionally in our conversation the topic involving our former relationship emerges. They are very important. Let each other go to find someone who does match. You can't just expect her to throw away the beliefs she grew up on or attend your non-liturgical church that doesn't have Sacraments.

Oct 26, 3. You must log in or sign up to reply here. In the end we found a home in the Episcopal church, where half the people we came to know were former Catholics married to protestants.


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